Ok so it's been 54 years since I posted.  I know.  Judge me.  G'head. 
So I required moisture in my life.  And I mean that literally and figuratively.  The figurative stuff blah blahs over at soapbox diva.  But here wewill be shallow and gorgeous. 
So I HAD to go to the mall.  On Friday.  At 7pm.  With both my children.  
Girlfriend, yessss.  Drink that drink in my honor right?
I had to go to the Apple store (which by the way is full of the nerdiest most amaaaaayzing customer service evah!)
And I walked by The Body Shop 

That in and of itself won't usually hook me.  Cuz I already have everything like that and that and that.  However like a crow I was drawn in by something shiny. Some bronze dry oil.  Baby, it's glitter oil. Hello.  It whimpered my name.  
So I go in and this adorable little gay man child with baby soft skin pimps out the body butters and this evil retail deal for buy three get three free. What?!  Whaaat the eff?? 
So because my kids had become the ashiest white kids ever we got some for them in strawberry and some for me in the vitamin E "scent".  

It's divine. 

Then there's a facial line of this vitamin E magic. It absorbs.  It causes glowing.  Radiance. So fantastic. I'm in love with my soft skin.  

I also got a scrub in some delicious scent.  I'm smelling awesome and feeling like silk and dayum, bring on the Robert Downey jr or somethin...ya know??

Anyway I had to blather about this.   SO GREAT!!!!



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