Ok so it's been 54 years since I posted.  I know.  Judge me.  G'head. 
So I required moisture in my life.  And I mean that literally and figuratively.  The figurative stuff blah blahs over at soapbox diva.  But here wewill be shallow and gorgeous. 
So I HAD to go to the mall.  On Friday.  At 7pm.  With both my children.  
Girlfriend, yessss.  Drink that drink in my honor right?
I had to go to the Apple store (which by the way is full of the nerdiest most amaaaaayzing customer service evah!)
And I walked by The Body Shop 

That in and of itself won't usually hook me.  Cuz I already have everything like that and that and that.  However like a crow I was drawn in by something shiny. Some bronze dry oil.  Baby, it's glitter oil. Hello.  It whimpered my name.  
So I go in and this adorable little gay man child with baby soft skin pimps out the body butters and this evil retail deal for buy three get three free. What?!  Whaaat the eff?? 
So because my kids had become the ashiest white kids ever we got some for them in strawberry and some for me in the vitamin E "scent".  

It's divine. 

Then there's a facial line of this vitamin E magic. It absorbs.  It causes glowing.  Radiance. So fantastic. I'm in love with my soft skin.  

I also got a scrub in some delicious scent.  I'm smelling awesome and feeling like silk and dayum, bring on the Robert Downey jr or somethin...ya know??

Anyway I had to blather about this.   SO GREAT!!!!

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Still Beautiful

I'm still around. I still love beauty products.  I could review them all day.  hint hint. anyone want to pay me to do that?
fine.  I have lots and lots of products I could review. but no time.  however, if you have a beauty question of any variety, please feel free to email me: redgreenhurricane@gmail.com. 

sparkle on,

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Dear Revlon

Dear Revlon,

I am SO pissed that you've discontinued the Skinlights line of powders and lotions etc etc etc. Yes, this is OLD news. But I am still pissed. There is NO comparable product on the market believe it or not. And if you choose to not believe me, feel free to search for your Skinlights Powder on Ebay, where it is going for as much as $50...
So why the hell did you get rid of it????

I want my glow back!! damnit!!


Dull Faced Girl
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My faves this week...

Well I feel obligated to give a beauty nod to the Royal Wedding, which I blathered on about at my other site, so here's the beauty product of the week: Royal Jelly. What the hell is that, you ask? Well its a bee product, a fancy goo that is supposed to be miraculous. It claims to be good for pretty much everything including cancer, and you can take it in capsule form as a dietary supplement. But I was first introduced to it by the great and classic Jafra products that my mom had when I was little. Remember that cherry almond scented stuff? Jafra rocks. And they are still around. I have toyed with the idea of selling it...because everyone sells Avon and Mary Kay.
Anyway, its good stuff and it may not cure your schitzophrenia, but your skin will feel great. Try this body cream from Juicy Couture

Ok soooo here's what I picked up today.

I have been in desperate need of either a facial or a good...a really good exfoliation. But since my budget is tight right now I can't get my go-to Philosophy Microdelivery Peel. Its called a peel but its a 2 step exfoliant. LOVE IT. But its also over $60.

I have tried everything ordinary on the drug store shelves and many high end products. Today I went to Rite Aid to find something more than the St. Ives scrub, (which I picked up anyway in the all over body scrub form!) but less than the $60 high end scrub. I alllllmost picked up the Olay version of the Philosophy product. I have blogged about it before. Its just OK. It does the job, but its $30 and having used it before, I don't think its worth it. When I first found it I thought I'd hit the jackpot. It feels the same and has the same 2 steps. But the end result is not quite as awesome. Anyway I picked up this Booth Derma C product. I am thrilled to tell you that its AMAZING and costs $13.99!!! My skin feels so great!! This is the closest I've come to the Philosophy OMG feeling on my face!

I also grabbed some of this Garnier Nutritioniste Gel Cream (my new fave brand...they have the greatest stuff!!) I love gels because they absorb so quickly and don't make my face feel gross. When I use regular heavy moisturizers at night, I wake up with my eyes all goopy and my face feels weird. I put this stuff on after my exfoliation....heeeaaaveeennnnn.....sooooo nice!!! and...$7.99.

I also have shopped around for OTC tooth whiteners. They don't make the cute little paint on varieties anymore. You can get an expensive Rx version of that from your dentist but...meh. Almost everything you can find is a syringe/tray/gel system. also meh. I hate those trays. anyway, this is really the best one I've found and it tastes good. It comes with a tray in the kit version but it comes by itself as well: Plus White 5 minute Whitener Gel. It works really well.

So, I'm Royally beautiful now! I'm scrubbed, whitened, and hydrated. Cheers, dahling.
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In honor of...

Charlie Sheen. Who else people!?

His crazy rants have been internet fodder for days now. Its irresistible. I actually find his madness rather sad because he is clearly in full blown addict mode. He hasn't cured himself of a damn thing except reality. But that's all a topic for my other, "serious" blog!

Here, in the shallow end, I now pay homage to Charlie with beauty products that remind me of him.

#1: Ok its not Tiger blood...its dragon blood, skin resurfacer by Peter Thomas Roth.
or, You can draw blood, with these tiger print fake nails.

#2 You can wash away all your troll cooties with this award (duh...)WINNING body wash from Philosophy. Charlie has quite a few "Philosophies" of his own...

#3 kiss your sanity goodbye, with this NARS lipstick in "blonde Venus". Why Venus? Because Sephora doesn't have any products with Adonis in the name. :)

#4 Boom, Crush. Night, losers. Bat your crazy eyes at your two smokin' hot husbands with Duwop's Crush Eyeshadow trio. Lorac also has a trio called "Rockstar"...you know...from Mars

#5 Keep your fire breathing fists in top form with Bliss' High Intensity Hand Cream.

#6 because I can't resist...smell your best while in rehab, jail, or that special room with the jacket that makes you hug yourself...with Dior's Addict

#7 because anyone can do a top 5, and 7 is lucky... when you're flippin the bird to your paparazzi, make sure your nails are looking their best... "Shine on Crazy Diamond"

peace out, peeps. be beautiful, even if you are bat-shit crazy.
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Ok so pretend I'm rich and powerful and all-knowing like Oprah and you covet the things I have in my house.
I share with you now...MY list...of FAVORITE THINGS...cosmetics...
*insert music here*

Here's my face in a nutshell:

I cleanse my face with Philosophy's "Purity Made Simple". Frankly everything by Philosophy is outstanding.

Then I clean with Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Wash. Well those of you who have known me know that I do not have acne. Guess why. This stuff is awesome. The salicylic acid is the key. Much better than that benzoyl peroxide sulfur-y stuff we grew up with. Much more effective!

When its time to exfoliate, which you know I love to do! I change it up a little here and there.
Several times a week I use Garnier's Skin Renew Gel Cleanser with funky attached brush.

Once every week or 10 days, I use the piece de resistance (god that's fun to say with an accent) of all microderms: Philosophy's Microdelivery Peel. This has gone by other names but its the same amazing product. I have tried the knock-offs by Olay (there is a blog about it in the archives somewhere) and every micro derm/vitamin c scrub out there. None compare! You will have the most amazing complexion after using this, you won't be able to stop touching your face.

Vitamin C, so you know, is fantastic for boosting the radience of your skin. If you have dull winter skin, or dry patches its like a miracle. But vitamin C is unstable so the really good versions come in single use weird capsules or a stablized powder form that can be mixed into serums etc. It does tingle when it goes on as it is an exfoliant/acid (ascorbic acid), especially if you have just exfoliated as above.

Following my microderm scrub, I use Philosophy's "When Hope is Not Enough" mixed with the Turbo Booser C Powder which is linked up above as well.

On other days, I just use the moisturizer I'm in the mood for. Lately I'm using Mary Kay's Time Wise Night Solution, and I have seen results just within a few days. I love that its light and absorbs instantly. If I'm sleeping alone I will put another moisturizer on top of it - I like Lancome's Renergie when I can afford it - and go to bed ala I Love Lucy. If I care what I look like and don't want someone's lips sliding off my face, I actually wear some luminzing powder (this one is flavored), sometimes a little under eye highlighter (see next paragraph) and a hint of subtle eyeliner as well as a clear lip gloss, or just plain ol vaseline on my lips. (glam eh?)

when I wake up, I rinse my face well and apply my new favorite wonder product from Garnier, who is really growing on me with their new products! I have tried other de-puff products, but this Skin Renew Roller has the most fantastic texture and I love that its tinted! I was using just the plain version but now love the tinted one (at night before bed too!)

As far as actual day time make up goes, after I rinse and depuff, I use a squirt of this "cucumber stress gel", mixed with this discontinued wonder, Revlon SkinLights in "bare light" (sorry to tell you its not available anymore but there are some half assed substitutes out there if you look), mixed up in my hand and smoothed on my face.

here is the true cover-up story. Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat. (toosh eeclaw). Say it. It just sounds amazing. It IS!! I have tried ALL the highlighter pens from ALL the brands including Channel, Sephora, and Mary Kay. None compare! I use shade #2, though I am thinking I should use shade #1. Its SO amazing I can't even begin to tell you. You can apply and reapply all day and it never cakes. Its silky and light so you don't tug at your eye to apply it. It vanishes your circles. love love love it!!!

first up: foundation. I've tried them all. liquid, power, mousse, tinted moisturizers, bronzers. I use BellaPierre. I was a Bare Minerals die hard for years but it makes me itch!!
as a side note, I much prefer BellaPierre's eyeshadows too. They are just like Bare Minerals, but with more pigment and they seem to stick to my skin better.

I have tried every blush on the market and you know what? I just mix my own. I crush up this and that and add some shimmer and voila. So I can't help you with blush. Except I can tell you that you should only be applying it on the apple of your cheek and not too close to your nose. Actual application is a whole other story I suppose.

I also love eyeliners. My current favorites are waterproof because I cry a lot these days, and I have allergies. After using a black waterproof eyeliner on my top lid, I soften it with a little blending and a quick run of this Auburn colored pencil from Revlon.

I think I've blogged about mascara a time or 2. My favorite is still Dior's Diorshow. I prefer the regular over the waterproof.

I have a lipgloss fetish. shocking right? I've tried them all. I like Neutrogena's Cooling Hydragel gloss but my all time winner is Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss. So FAB!

My favorite hairspray of ALL time is from Kenra. Amazing stuff.

And the most decadent moisturizer for hands and feet and anywhere you want to feel yummy goes to Cuccio!! So great after a bath and good scrub!

and here are some other high points from my make up collection:

Smashbox Fusion bronzer/highlighter

Sephora's Harmony Trio bronzer

Perfect eyebrows courtesy of Smashbox Brow Tech

The most delicious shower you'll ever have thanks to Philosophy again with their multi-tasking shower gels I picked orange blossom here because that's my favorite smell ever and I have not tried this "flavor". Every scent I've tried is wonderful.

And I do not have this product yet, but I am due for a new brush set. After looking a zillion sets, this one comes very close to all my needs.

and that, my friends, is my list of *MOST* of my favorite things. Enjoy and be beautiful. and if you can't be beautiful, lie to yourself and FEEL beautiful...you are.
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I hate it when companies don't care what we think...

Mary Kay Inc.
P.O. Box 799045
Dallas, Texas 75379-9045

February 23, 2011

Dear Mary Kay:

I wanted to provide some feedback on a product I recently purchased. There is no place on the Mary Kay website to provide such feedback, which I find surprising and disappointing.

I know a lot about cosmetics, because I love them. And I have tried a great many of them. I really love most of the Mary Kay products so it is my earnest desire to help Mary Kay develop this product further.

I am referring to the facial highlighting pen. I love the price. I love the packaging. However, I found the lightest shade to be too dark for my fair skin. I do not have the lightest color of skin, but probably a few shades up from the lightest – a true ivory in my estimation. If its too dark for me, I know there is a whole sector of fair skinned women out there that also can not use it.

A “highlighter” should be much lighter than colors offered currently. In my opinion from a long history of using such products from a variety of brands, it should be one whole shade lighter than the skin. When I use your pen on my smile lines or anywhere besides my eyes it goes on adequately. But it serves much more as a concealer than a highlighter. But here is my main complaint: the product is far too thick and sticky and during application the skin under the eye is being pulled too much. Even if I just pat the product into place its too cakey. It needs to have a much silkier and lighter texture in addition to a lighter color to be used under the eyes. A lighter texture enables the wearer to apply it more gently to the eye area as well as being able to apply it over make up throughout the day. The stickiness of the highlighting pen in its current incarnation would make this unrealistic. A very slight sheen with light refracting elements would boost the product’s effectiveness as well.

I have used all the major brands’ highlighters from Revlon to Channel, to Yves Saint Laurent to Sephora’s store brand. By far the winner is YSL hands down. The texture can not be beat and the color is perfect. It blends perfectly.

I really want another company to develop a suitable competitive product to YSL’s in a lower price point. But so far, no one has.

It is my sincere hope that this feedback is useful in the product development and I thank you for taking the time to read my opinions.

Sincerely, a fan and cosmetics lover,


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Lather, Rinse, Repeat and other shampoo legends and myths

SO, the same fab guy has been doing my fab hair for like a decade. I do have great hair. Just sayin'. And I had a gift certificate at Xmas that I needed to use for a hair cut...and coincidentally I was so very broke that it came in handy because my hair was a mess.

So I go to the new girl with much trepidation. You know how it is. When you find one you like you don't change it up. Gyno, hair stylist, mechanic, dentist, plumber, veterinarian. anyway. I was telling her how I do my hair and we were chatting it up. I mentioned that I have "convertible hair syndrome" in that I am changing my hair constantly through out the day and have had this condition since I was a teenager. Its up, its down. now its half up. now its all down. its in a pony tail. now its down. I am constantly running my fingers through it. why? cuz it feels sexy. and it looks good when I do it. Ok we all have our flaws. I'm a little hair vain. get over it.

so she asks me how often I wash. Well I have very fine hair...baby fine. And if I don't wash it it gets weighed down easily. Same reason I don't wear much product in my hair. a) it slides right out (except for Kenra hair spray) b) it prevents me from running my hands through it and c) it just goes all limp and stupid.

so she goes on to tell me that I could wash less often if I had my hands in my hair less. She asks me "do you use lotion on your hands a lot?" "obsessively" I answer.
"Oh" she says, with a knowing hair toss. "that's why your hair gets oily. you have lotion on your hands and your hands are constantly in your hair."


well for one I'm 38 and my hands to hair habit ain't likely to change now. for another thing, who cares.

so I just posted over at my real life issues blog about how stressed I've been and doing lame things like putting on my clothes inside out and stuff. Well last night I thought I was conditioning but instead used shampoo. I didn't know this until this morning when I was doing my hair and its was flying away all over the place and not cooperating at all.

I will NEVER underestimate the power of conditioner again.

so you know what I did? uh huh. that's right. I put some lotion on my hands, rubbed it mostly in and then styled my hair and VOILA...good hair again.

TAKE THAT knowitall hair lady!!

so this also answers the question I posed about what is the point of "lather rinse repeat"? I have never had need to lather more than once. (see that post here). Today's fly away mess confirms it. Repeating is just stupid. A waste of product, time, energy, and potentially good hair!

so there you go. all kinds of mysteries solved!!

You're welcome. Good hairday to you.
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Lash Anxiety

As mentioned in the previous, long overdue post, financially I have not been able to support my beauty habit in the manner to which I had become accustomed. read: drug store mascaras here I come.

My fave mascara is still, hands down, Dior Show. amazing. But I did find a suitable substitute. Maybelline Falsies!! I actually start out with Maybelline Collossal. It provides a good solid foundation but it doesn't provide any length. I layer falsies over that and voila! love it!!! and it wears very nicely!!

thumbs up!
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Hair Help

Oh this blog is sooooo lonely. I still love my products, but since I lost my job in March of 2009, beauty products have taken a back seat. I have managed to actually use up most of my excess product inventory during the financial crunch. It actually felt pretty good. I no longer have enough lotion to moisturize the whole city...just me and maybe a couple friends.

Anyway, also due to the financial crunch and some scheduling difficulties at the holiday season I had to cancel my December hair cut. I ADORE my stylist. I have threatened to stalk him if he ever goes away. I had to ditch my appointment and I planned to reschedule as soon as I got paid. Well I got paid, but I couldn't let myself drop the cash yet. Then my girl friend gave me this amazing gift certificate and one of the items was a consult/cut at a local salon. I am very snobby and only let my dude cut my hair but I am desperate at this point.

Meantime, my hair, which is fine, is limp and lifeless and dull and saggy. ugh! I tried rotating all my shampoos to see if one would perk it up, and I totally believe in this method, but nothing worked. I deep conditioned and did all kinds of nifty tricks to no avail.

Then I bought some Dove for fine hair.

Dove people. its no joke.

i had my first good hair day in almost a month after using it, and the matching conditioner. I now worship at the alter of Dove. My hair looked A.maz.ing!

I am getting my cut this friday but I am so thrilled.

I <3 products. sigh.

I have a job now too, so I'm going to reacquaint myself with Sephora, Beauty.com and my other old friends. can't wait!

I hope to be blogging here more. Product-aholics, join me!
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new stuff, the quest for dewiness, and non-shampoo shampoo

I got some new stuff. eeeeee.
first I have to say that I'm still pissed about my fake MAC brushes. they are crap. I'm so mad. they shed and they don't hold product.

but anyway...I have been a bare minerals gal for years now. 7 years maybe...?
but either because its winter or my age is creeping up on me or I have PMS or a manic streak I have been wanting to try something different.

All of my eye shadow adventures have failed so I will be sticking with the bare minerals eye shadows.

However I tried FOUNDATION, the liquid variety, for the first time in YEARS. Its "Boots No. 7"

I got this one

It goes on literally light as air and you can barely feel it. I love the coverage. My face didn't feel oily. I never once noticed it. Its fab.u.lous!

and then, because my shimmering highlighting powder is not satisfying me for some reason, I have been struggling with the lack of dewiness. I have been particularly obsessed with my blush. I have tried a couple new blush products, Neutrogena among them.

So I tried some gel blush. I haven't tried gel blush since I used to raid my mom's Clinique stash when I was in high school. and it sucked.

But I bought this Pixi gel blush and its sooooo great!!! it looks SO natural and lasted me all day. I tried several varieties that they had and chose this one. LOVE IT!!

Its really easy to apply and isn't permanent so you can't really screw it up and get raggedy ann cheeks.

I also found that dabbing a little tiny bit of lipgloss on the apples of my cheeks gives me the effect I have spent hundreds of dewiness dollars looking for.

I also was intrigued by the infomercial for the Wen hair care system. Its shampoo without soap basically and its supposed to revolutionize your life. I checked it out and its expensive. I looked at amazon and you can get one bottle for $28 and the directions say for short hair you're supposed to use 16 pumps or some silly crap! Its like a 6 or 8 oz bottle! 16 pumps?! My hair guy said he thought it was kind of silly too. It also says you're supposed to use it exclusively. The reviews on Amazon were pretty mixed. Several people said their scalps looks like oil slicks after a few days. Anyway, I ruled against it. My hair is way too fine to not wash it regularly and it does get oily if I don't wash it.

So I accidentally found this L'oreal stuff at the grocery store! I actually really like it. It smells wonderful (rosemary and mint) and it really is nice. However, when I used it 2 days in a row...sure enough my hair got oily. So I did a good wash after that. But using it in rotation with "real" shampoo seems very cool. thumbs up.

I am still wanting a dewier look for my skin without an oily side effect so I am still experimenting with my (hundreds of) products trying to find the right combination to achieve this. I will update you on my dewiness progress.
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ooooo the good stuff!

After a while of cheaping out and using the Olay version (I LOVE Olay products don't get me wrong) I treated myself to the Philosophy original treatment. I'm not kidding...the stuff rocks. The difference in my skin after a use was fabulous. glowing. radiant. The Olay version was just a good exfoliant. Not as much tingle. No fabulousness.

In other news, I got taken on Ebay and bought what I thought were MAC brushes only to receive them and find out they are total fakes. They don't suck. But there are alot of meaningless shaped brushes and duplicates and some stuff lacking. There's this one fan brush that is so stupid.

I bought new eye shadows. Matte. I am apparently officially old because I can't do as much sparkle as I used to. I can do pearlescent but not too much more than that. Matte is good. I can go over it with a bare minerals glimmer and its not too much.

I have a deep wrinkle in my laugh line area. My frown "quotation" mark between my eyes needs attention.

I love the wisdom of age but I'm not digging the older skin. My eyelids are even beginning the early stages of crepe-ness.


but philosophy rocks. get some. like...any of it. The whole entire line is awesome!
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My Skin

I have not been happy with my face after my daily make up routine lately. Part of it is this postpartum I don't get enough sleep thing. But I don't know what the actual problem is. It just looks dull and I look old as hell.
So I took my cucumber gel stuff I've mentioned. I dumped a bit of my bare essentials powder foundation in my hand, along with some luminating powder (revlon, discontinued as mentioned in my post below) and some bronzing powder (also the revlon variety) and mixed it all together. Why not just get a liquid make up, you ask? Cuz I HATE liquid make up. So much that my fingers accidentally hit the caps lock when I typed the word hate...really. The powder keeps oiliness at bay and it is waaay lighter than liquid. And the luminating stuff makes my skin look fabulously young.

I am finally happy with my face routine again!! yay!
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Ebay bargains

I just bought 24 new make up brushes (MAC) on ebay for $65. That's a nice bargain, let me tell you. And I am way overdue for some new brushes...good ones even.

And for anyone who's interested, there was a set of brushes for $888...japanese made...of squirrel hair.

Idanno. Just sharing.
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discontinued products!

I have a favorite powder that I use...its called Skinlights by Revlon. And its discontinued. I
HATE when that happens, which is why I buy several of things that I love. I'm not quite a hoarder. I just like to have inventory! Anyway, my shimmery skinlights is almost empty and I poked around the internet and found some. So I bought 3. =)
the thing is...bronzers are easy to find. This stuff is a highlighting powder. It comes in different shades but I use "natural light". I actually mix it with what I call a moisturizer and put it under all my make up. That brings me to another point. That moisturizer is that St. Ives Cucumber Eye and Face Stress Gel that I mentioned in an earlier blog. Its ALSO discontinued and I thought I found some online the other day and ordered some. But then I got an email that it was unavailable. damnit. I hate that. So I have ordered a substitute but we'll see how it goes. I do not like wearing a moisturizer in the morning because it makes me feel icky. The gel is the best thing. But its not a very common product. I'll let you know how the substitute works out.

damn manufacturers and their discontinued stuff!!
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